Global News Update: China Denies iPhone Ban, Devastating Floods in Libya, Trump Criticizes Biden, and More

In a recent development, China’s Foreign Ministry has refuted claims of a ban on iPhones for government officials. The denial comes amidst reports of “security incidents” associated with the popular device. This news coincides with Apple’s launch of its latest iPhone 15 models, which were unveiled at a highly anticipated keynote event on September 12. The new lineup includes the iPhone 15 with a USB-C port, two additional iPhone models, and the Apple Watch Series 9.

In other news, a catastrophic event unfolded in Derna, Libya, where over 5,200 people lost their lives and 20,000 others were displaced due to devastating floods. The disaster was triggered by heavy rains that caused two dams to rupture.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has voiced criticism against President Joe Biden for his prisoner swap deal with Iran. Trump also called for the recusal of the judge overseeing the January 6th investigation. These comments come as Trump continues his 2024 campaign and faces ongoing legal challenges.

In international politics, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin have initiated their summit at a Russian space center. The discussions are expected to cover a broad spectrum of topics. In a related development, Ukraine has launched an assault on a shipyard in Russian-occupied Crimea.

In a shocking incident, Danelo Cavalcante’s mother has defended her son’s actions in the murder of his girlfriend, asserting that he had no choice. Cavalcante, now armed with a stolen .22 caliber rifle, has prompted Pennsylvania State Police to issue a warning to locals.

In economic news, oil prices have seen a slight increase due to concerns over tight supply. The global oil market is currently grappling with apprehensions regarding the availability of oil in the upcoming months, leading to a rise in futures prices.

In a significant move, a bipartisan panel from Congress recently approached Wall Street to address the national-security risks associated with investments in China. However, their efforts were met with resistance from financial firms.

Lastly, a cruise ship carrying 206 people has run aground in northwestern Greenland, leaving passengers and crew stranded until rescue is expected to arrive on Friday.

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