World News 18 Jul 2023

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Stalls as Crimea Becomes a Flashpoint; 

Victoria State Withdraws as Host of 2026 Commonwealth Games Due to Escalating Costs; 

Plane Crash in Poland Claims Lives; Grieving Families Find Relief as Cemetery Workers End Strike; 

Georgia Supreme Court Denies Trump’s Request; Wall Street Journal Issues Corrections; 

Biden Invites Netanyahu for Meeting; Leaking Suspect Challenges Detention; 

Greece Battles Devastating Wildfires; 

Selkirk RCMP Investigate Weekend Stabbing Incident

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Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Stalls as Crimea Becomes a Flashpoint

In a recent escalation of tensions, Ukraine’s counteroffensive has hit a roadblock as it launched an attack on the Crimean Bridge. After a week of diplomatic negotiations and political maneuvering, the focus has once again shifted to the ongoing conflict. The attack on the strategically significant bridge has raised concerns and put Crimea at the center of attention.

The counteroffensive, aimed at reclaiming territories held by pro-Russian separat
Victoria State Withdraws as Host of 2026 Commonwealth Games Due to Escalating Costs

Australia’s Victoria state has made the difficult decision to withdraw as the host of the 2026 Commonwealth Games. The state cited a significant surge in the projected cost of organizing the event as the primary reason for its withdrawal.

The Commonwealth Games, a prestigious international sporting event, attracts athletes from various countries across the globe. However, Victoria state officials expressed concerns over the escalating expenses associated with hosting the games, leading
Five people were tragically killed and eight others were injured in a plane crash at a skydiving center in Chrcynno, Poland. The incident occurred when a Cessna 208 plane crashed into a hangar, resulting in a devastating loss of life and significant injuries.
Grieving families in Canada are finding solace as maintenance workers at the country’s largest cemetery have returned to work after a lengthy strike. The workers, who had been on strike since January, reached a deal with their employer, bringing relief to the grieving families who rely on their services.

The strike, which lasted for several months, had left families in distress as the cemetery was unable to provide the necessary maintenance and care for their loved ones’ final resting places. The absence of workers had caused significant delays
The Georgia Supreme Court has denied former President Donald Trump’s request to prevent a district attorney from prosecuting him for his actions following the 2020 election. This decision marks a significant setback for Trump’s attempts to thwart investigations into his conduct during the election.
The Wall Street Journal has issued corrections and amplifications for their July 18, 2023 edition.
President Biden extends an invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a meeting in the United States, aiming to address the growing divide between the two nations regarding judicial changes. This marks the first invitation from President Biden to Netanyahu since the latter’s re-election for a sixth term in December.
The Massachusetts Air National Guard member accused of leaking secret military papers is urging a judge to release him while he awaits trial. Citing the case of former President Donald Trump, the suspect, Teixeira, is challenging the judge’s decision to keep him behind bars. Teixeira’s defense argues that he should be granted bail, as Trump was not detained during his trial. The leak suspect’s legal team contends that the principle of equal treatment under the law should apply to their client as well. 

Two large wildfires have ravaged coastal towns in Greece, forcing thousands of residents and tourists to flee seaside resorts. The devastating fires come as the country braces for a second heatwave.
Selkirk RCMP Investigate Weekend Stabbing Incident

The Selkirk Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are actively seeking leads following a disturbing incident that occurred over the weekend. In the early hours of Saturday morning, authorities responded to a distress call at a residence on Sinclair Avenue. Upon arrival, they discovered a 24-year-old man who had sustained multiple stab wounds.

The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, was found on the front lawn of the home, in need of

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