Saturday 16 September 2023, world news summary

In a significant development in European politics, Ukrainian President Zelensky has issued a stern warning to neighboring EU countries. He has pledged to ensure the success of “European unity,” in response to the potential imposition of unilateral restrictions on Ukrainian grain by EU countries. This move would contradict decisions made in Brussels. Zelensky has made it clear that Kiev will respond if such restrictions are implemented. 

In North Africa, Libya has launched an investigation into a devastating dam collapse and subsequent deadly floods. The catastrophe occurred in the city of Derna, where floodwaters overwhelmed two dams, resulting in a massive wall of water surging through the city. The flood claimed thousands of lives, obliterated entire neighborhoods, and swept numerous individuals into the sea. 

In a significant move against drug trafficking, Mexico has extradited Ovidio Guzmán, the son of notorious drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, to the United States to face drug charges. This development marks a crucial step in the ongoing fight against organized crime.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s counteroffensive continues, seeking a breakthrough in Zaporizhzhia and the Dnipro River. Now in its fourth month, the counteroffensive, supported by Western tanks and weapons, is intensifying efforts to reclaim territory from Russian positions.

In the United States, prosecutors have urged a judge to impose restrictions on former President Donald Trump’s “inflammatory” attacks related to an ongoing election subversion case. The case revolves around allegations of election subversion during Trump’s presidency, with prosecutors arguing that Trump’s threats need to be curbed.

President Joe Biden is taking action to address the ongoing strike by unionized autoworkers in Detroit. In an effort to resolve the strike and ensure fair treatment for workers, Biden is sending two of his top aides to the city. The President believes that the record profits being made by the auto industry should be shared with the workers who contribute to its success.

In a distressing incident, Marine Major Joshua Mast and his wife have been accused of abducting a baby girl following a US special forces raid that resulted in the tragic death of her entire family. The United States is now actively working to prevent the soldier from keeping the Afghan war orphan.

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