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  • Finance English 2021-10-20-1930

    Finance English 2021-10-20-1930

    Presented by listen headlines, latest financial news from trusted sources. Length: 07:50 trade New Zealand USD ICYMI says Higher Risk free agreement deal Cladding We’re Cladding: ‘We’re paying to live in a dark, dull box’ BBC News Business @ October 20. 19:13 – America New York item link ICYMI – Moody’s says US supply chains…

  • World News 2021-08-17-0730

    World News 2021-08-17-0730

    presented by listen headlines, latest world news from trusted sources. Length: 07:52 Live updates: As Biden’s domestic critics attack U.S. withdrawal, foreign allies offer guarded regret By Rachel Pannett and Katerina Ang Washington Post World @ August 17. 12:41 – America New York item link Tropical depression drenching earthquake-stricken Haiti By Mark Stevenson and Evens…