World News 2022-03-09-0730

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World News – 2022-03-09-0730 Audio Stream

Russian troops face dying in tanks that become ’40-ton iron freezers’ in -20C cold snap

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Mirror World news @ March 09. 04:26 – America New York item link #1

A million children have fled Ukraine. Here’s what a train station full of goodbyes looks like.

Salwan Georges

Washington Post World @ March 09. 04:18 – America New York item link #2

Venezuela frees two Americans amid talks hastened by Ukraine war

World C B S News .com @ March 09. 03:08 – America New York item link #3

Foreign volunteers get Ukrainian citizenship in fight against Russia, Ukraine says

Lawrence Richard

FOX World News @ March 09. 02:54 – America New York item link #4

U.S. Shoots Down Polish Proposal to Get Warplanes to Ukraine Via Germany

Piotr Skolimowski and Bill Faries / Bloomberg

TIME @ March 09. 01:39 – America New York item link #5

Australia floods: PM Morrison to declare a national emergency

B B C News World @ March 09. 01:32 – America New York item link #6

Mexican Women Protest Femicides as President Warns Against Violence


New York Times World News @ March 09. 01:15 – America New York item link #7

Ukraine get Russian troops face dying tanks become ton iron freezers’ 20C

World News 2022-03-09-0730